Thursday, June 26, 2008

thats not my name~


First thing, the post title absolutely does not reflect anything in my post here. Its just a song by The Ting Tings! Catchy tune and makes me wanna dance along on the dance floor! *LOL*

Alright. After a few consoling and encouragement from fellow friends, here I am updating the blogger. Sorry for being MIA but honestly I am not usually like this in the real world. *hehe*

Few layouts to share; a few from myself and a couple from the desk of Mr. Mac. :)

The Mrs.

The Mr.


Further I have done SIC's June Challenge on "A Few Of My Favorite Things".
I have so much fun doing this challenge. Its uber (whatever that means) fun!

I am so nervous for the coming Crop Party but at the same time, really excited!!
Over and out!
Before I go MIA again, thanks for looking & reading & commenting :)

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