Thursday, June 26, 2008

thats not my name~


First thing, the post title absolutely does not reflect anything in my post here. Its just a song by The Ting Tings! Catchy tune and makes me wanna dance along on the dance floor! *LOL*

Alright. After a few consoling and encouragement from fellow friends, here I am updating the blogger. Sorry for being MIA but honestly I am not usually like this in the real world. *hehe*

Few layouts to share; a few from myself and a couple from the desk of Mr. Mac. :)

The Mrs.

The Mr.


Further I have done SIC's June Challenge on "A Few Of My Favorite Things".
I have so much fun doing this challenge. Its uber (whatever that means) fun!

I am so nervous for the coming Crop Party but at the same time, really excited!!
Over and out!
Before I go MIA again, thanks for looking & reading & commenting :)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I cant help it!!


Okay let me take my words back! LOL! I give up. I now realised that I am not strong enough. In fact WE all have lost in this no-sb-shopping battle, and yet worst, its not even started yet!!! LOL!!

So I truly apologise to myself............. heeeeeee!

Anyway I bought some PP from SC yesterday and thankfully I spent below my expectation budget.. heheh

Will upload few layouts soon.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


My girls have "pressured" me to response a tagged made by her.

ha ha ha!! Truly sorry for being a bad blogger but the internet connection at my place is super crappy!! mm....just being reasonable he..he..!
Anyway, here is my 6 unimportant facts about me myself and Mac.
1) I LOVE handbags.
2) I am scared of cockroaches!! my worst enemy hehehe..
3) Brown Belt in Karate. watch out *LOL*
4) I prefer to wear flat shoes compared to high heels
5) Hiccups would attacked if anything that i eat is super duper yummy...weird huh!!
6) I love Light Coke but must have at least a slice of fresh lemon.

Yeah I think that just about it... I have more to state but since its a 6 facts rule, so m gonna stick to it. Dont feel like tagging anyone at the moment though but if you would like to list out your very own 6 unimportant facts, please feel free to jot them down (and perhaps share 'em with me! hehe)

I still have few layouts to share but since internet connection is crappy, maybe next time.
And also its killing me inside that i have to hold up my cravings to purchase new scrapbook stash. The girls have made a rule that JUNE is a no shopping sb stash month! Argghhhhh! LOL!! saving up. But have to create 5 (or more?) layouts this month. Details will be up in her blog. Anyone willing to join in? Help yourself. :)

Have a good day.