Tuesday, May 20, 2008

fun crops



It has been a while I didn't update this blog. There has been so much scrapbook fun happenings recently! Two weeks ago, had our regular croppings together with the girls at Gajah Merah Jambu dan Butang-butang's place. Had our own challenge with pictures swapping between 3 of us, together with a journaling. It was my first challenge and I feel so nervous. hehe.. Meanwhile, I swapped with Alin, Vivi scrapped mine and Alin's doing the latter.

Here is the outcome:

"No words can express the love that is in my heart for you BOTH!!"

During the end of the day, it was unsangkarable (unexpected) indeed that my LO was selected by the special judges... thank you...thank you...heheh

But thank you to my rock babeh Vivs (aiseh) for creating this LO for me.....

I feel so bliss lah......... do U like it dear Mr Mac? :)

Oh well, I gtg. Will update again tomorrow.

In the last crop date on Saturday at Jasmin's place, I was really having fun with all the activities! (Too bad Mr Mac couldn't be able to join me! teehee) We did the notebook front cover altering, we did layout challenges and I was really swamped with all the shoppings! Too bad the new arrivals are not in yet! *haha*

Anyway, here are my hand made products. Feel free to order from me if you interested. *heheheh*

a LO for Vivs... (which she personally said "precious" ahem!)

And here is a creation made by Pandachu for me *awww....i love it to the macs!!* Thank you Jessie! :)

oH Thats all folks! Thanks for looking ♥

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iza said...

ur so loving lo,lovely and sweet.the journaling was so sweet too.
: )