Monday, November 17, 2008

Moto moto~

Has anyone seen Madagascar 2 already??? It was hillarious!! Totally recommended if you're in need for a good laugh!
Meanwhile, life has been hectic lately. A brief updates on whats been happening in my life (ignore if you dislike long posts). :)

My niece's wedding event is coming soon (yikes!!). My brains are working so hard cracking out the scrapping challenges that I am currently participating organised by Shabby Chic. My mind is not with me right now. I have to organise my room. I love my DH. My DH loves me more ♥. I despised certain wannabes who tried so hard to fit in whilst the factual thing is youre just another copycats and liar liar. I am down with a flu due to lack of sleep. I love my friends. My friends love me too ♥. I rarely update my blog. I used to be a bag-whore. whatever that means hehehehe.

Off to my creative hands. Sharing more past pages made for SC Amazing Scrap Race (in no chronological order). If youre in it, you'll know which rules. :)

Thats all folks. Till next time... taaa

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